Bishop’s Committee


Bishop’s Committee at St. John Sudanese Episcopal Mission Church

 Our  Bishop’s Committee is elected members of the congregation, charged with the overall well-being and business of the Parish. Each member of the Bishop’s Committee is elected to a two-year term from the assembling of the parishioners.  A Senior Warden who will have the responsibility to report to the Bishop of the Diocese about the progress of the mission church. Assisting Senior Warden is the Junior Warden (often known as the “People’s Warden”).

Below are the names of the Current Members of the Bishop’s Committee.

Joseph Lual Deng, Senior Warden
John Deng Lual , Junior Warden
Abraham Nuul Deng
Abraham Yel Anei
Philip Mawut Mayen
Peter Abil Riak Abil
Gabriel Akol Yel
Gabriel Chol Kuir
Agum Kachuol
Philip Alier Kuol
Rev. William Deng Deng